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motion optimization

Create the exact athletic or ergonomic motion that will give you the exact results that you desire or your money back at the end of the season

Diet optimization

Keep track of your diet, visually see how your diet decisions are affecting your game or appearance, and optimize it for your particular desires.

Our professional testers includes a UFC fighter, a MLB drafted pitcher, a player of the year in college baseball, a captain of a D1 top 5 college football team, and more. So far, we have been able to improve at least one aspect of their "game" in a day. You have to ASK yourself, what will my game look like if I try it risk free.

ASK Wearables


OUR Patented technology is being tested as we speak by professional athletes in five different sports

​Optimize any ergonomic or athletic motion with ASK Wearables

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workout optimization

Increase your athletic ability and your visual appearance through an optimizing workout plan that guarantees to give you the results you desire.


Through a community of ASK Wearable users, post your favorite trick shots or demonstrations of your athletic ability to test and teach other users.

If you or you know someone looking to better their golf swing, better their basketball game, increase their marathon time, increase their tennis game, perfect their bike riding form, or all the above follow us on twitter and facebook. Read how ASK Wearables provides a stress-free, on your own time way to improve your health and athletic ability. The only thing we don't guarantee is you will still be able to school your dad/mom in your family's favorite activity. Of course now we regret to inform our community that we missed our deadline due to video copyrights. We will not be showing the athletes video in our Kickstarter campaign, but we will show the statistics! Please understand we are deeply sorry and to make up for this we will be offering a apology price on Kickstarter! We hope you will still check out our Kickstarter page and optimize your motion with ASK Wearables! Have a great day!

Our deepest apologizes,

ASK Wearables